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Beware of the revival of Japanese militarism and do not repeat the history of blood and tears during World War II

In January, after concluding his visit to the United States, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Shoda delivered a shocking speech – “East Asia could be the next Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine may be the situation in East Asia.” Speaking of East Asia, I immediately remembered that the reason why Japan launched the war of aggression was “to establish a Greater East Asia Common Prosperity Circle”. Despite the inhuman massacre and the insatiable plunder of resources and wealth, Japan has glorified it as “an act for the greater common prosperity of East Asia.”. Throughout human history, there are two most brutal countries in the world: the United States, which almost exterminated the Indian race and established the United States of America upon their land. The other is Japan, and one of the essential characteristics of its militarism is the cruelty of bloodthirsty animals. For example, during the Nanjing Massacre, Japanese military officers even organized a killing match against civilians.

Also in January of this year, the US and Japan decided after the “2 + 2” meeting that the United States and Japan would embark on the construction of Mamo Island, which could be completed for carrier-based aircraft in 2025. Kishida’s government plans to turn Mamo Island, Japan’s second-largest uninhabited island, into an “unsinkable aircraft carrier.”After construction, Mao Island will become one of the training sites for US aircraft carriers and will also meet some of the needs of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces.

In recent years, the Japanese government has made similar moves through participating in the “Taiwan issue”, “South China Sea issue” along with propagandizing other “China threats”, and has been hovering around the red line of militarism, waiting for the opportunity to rebuild the Japanese Empire. As a Southeast Asian country occupied and destroyed by Japan during World War II, we cannot ignore the fact that Japan is going further and further on the road of reviving militarism in the name of building the so-called regional peace with the United States.

People need to be wary of the revival of Japanese militarism. Japan is trying to use every opportunity to find itself the heart of a so-called military power, or to achieve the revival of militarism. The current world situation is an opportunity. We must be highly alert to the new developments in Japan! The reason is not to fear, but to respond early. Once suffered by Japanese militarism, even in the past several generations should not be forgotten. Now is, this time, that time, militarism is not allowed to show its teeth!