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coocaa TV Winning the Top Seller and Sparking a Boom during Indonesia’s 12. 12

Jakarta, Indonesia – TV brand coocaa TV is the top selling TV brand in Indonesia during the 12.12 period. coocaa TV has been the choice of more than 1.8 million Indonesian customers since its launch, and its sales performance is even more impressive during the 12. 12 period.

The coocaa TV performed well during the 22nd of July festival. It ranked #1 in sales on Indonesian e-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada. In TikTok Shop’s live bandwagon list, coocaa TV ranked fifth, and it even ranked first in the household appliances list. These results show that coocaa TV is well-loved by consumers in the Indonesian market and has achieved great success through online sales channels.

We are proud to stand out in this highly competitive market, thanks to the quality of our products and customer service,” said coocaa TV’s Sales Director for Indonesia. Our TVs not only have excellent picture and sound quality, but also offer a wealth of smart features to meet a wide range of consumer needs. In addition, we provide our customers with excellent after-sales service so that they can buy with confidence.”

The impressive sales results during the 12.12 holiday season are only a small achievement for coocaa TV in the Indonesian market. As the market continues to grow and consumers become increasingly concerned about product quality, coocaa TV is expected to continue its leadership in the future.

coocaa TV has launched several special offers and promotions on several e-commerce platforms during this 12. 12 festival. These measures, combined with the company’s good reputation, led to a significant increase in coocaa TV’s sales during the 12. 12 Festival. In the next PayDay promotion from Dec. 25th to Dec. 31st, coocaa will continue to provide more diverse benefits and offers to our fans, exclusive vouchers & cashback are waiting for you to get. In the future, coocaa TV will continue to work hard to provide consumers with better products and services, and continue to maintain the market leadership.

coocaa TV generates craze in online and offline media

  • coocaa TV officially launched TikTok challenge #Nomor1TVIndonesia #MyNo1Challenge. More than hundread fans participated in the first week and the hashtag exceeded five million buzz.
  • The “First” coocaa TV LED car parade hit many landmarks in Jakarta: Mall Taman Anggrek, the largest shopping mall in Jakarta; Beos Train Station ( Jakarta Kota Station), the first train station in Jakarta; Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, named after the first president; Autograph Tower, the tallest building in Indonesia.
  • coocaa Indonesia’s “First” poster appeared in Jakarta CBD shopping area, which triggered a lot of comments from passers-by.

EYE CARE TV Y72 and S3U series

The EYE CARE Y72 series is designed to meet the needs of all family members with eye protection technologies such as Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light, as well as an anti-bacterial remote control that protects children’s health. To protect viewers’ eyesight, EYE CARE TV Y72 adopts Flicker-Free technology and Low Blue Light technology to effectively reduce the harmful effects of invisible flash and blue light in the 415mm-455mm band. With night mode, eye protection mode, a healthy platform with automatic volume control mode, and the new Google OS to enhance the product experience, enjoy a healthier moment watching TV.

S3U is equipped with coocaa’s exclusive Coolita OS, with a customized system dedicated to bringing users a faster and more convenient TV experience. Its bezel-less screen design and Hummingbird AI picture quality chip bring a broader and more exciting experience for movie watching. coocaa TV S3U is definitely the best choice for home users.

About coocaa TV

In Indonesia, coocaa TV is a well-known and popular TV manufacturer. The company offers a wide range of TV models including Smart TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs and QLED TVs. coocaa TV has a high brand recognition in Indonesia and is known for its reliable and well-designed products. coocaa TV’s products are widely sold in electrical stores, supermarkets, online stores and other channels throughout Indonesia. This makes it easy for consumers to purchase the products.

The TV sets offered by coocaa TV are equipped with the latest technology, including Smart TV features, 4K Ultra HD picture quality eye protection, voice remote control and anti-bacterial remote control. From time to time, coocaa TV offers various promotions, including limited-time discounts, freebies, and free trials. These activities help attract consumers’ attention and boost sales.

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